Retro Greek God Poseidon Logo (6000 × 2000 px)
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Welcome to Prometheus Gathering

Fire is a gift that we want to celebrate with the gathering of Prometheus!

Prometheus Gathering's first Music Festival & Burn Event happened in 2021 with the mission of creating a safe environment to celebrate the gift of fire. At The Prometheus Gathering we take pride in our welcoming and educational environment where all people can come to be participate in our transformational healing.

We are extremely passionate in our love and appreciation for fire and truly believe this gift can change our lives through healing. We see great potential in directing this passion toward creating an event where the community can come together as one and work towards being something bigger than just themselves!

Our goal is to turn our passion into a reality by creating a truly one of a kind event where music, art and fire all come together in collaboration to heal our community.


39825 State Route 684
Pomeroy, OH,
United States, Ohio

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